2000 word text planning

“A 2,000 word text on the use of a physical set extension in a pre-1989 movie or genre, outlining how it was done (or how you assume it was done) and how it might be achieved these days, with clear diagrams of how it might work in 2.5D Space”

“How aspects of VFX have moved from 2D to 3D production, and why you think this is”

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The Mill

Yesterday we went to London to visit The Mill, a leading VFX company with offices in London, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago, established in 1990. I had previously known about them due to them having provided the VFX for Doctor Who until 2013, when they closed their TV department to focus mainly on commercials.

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The Fourth Plinth

In the buildup to our Augment project, which requires us to create a social commentary, we looked at symbolism in art. In order to achieve this, we looked at Trafalgar Square’s unfinished fourth plinth. A plinth that caught my eye particularly was a future installation by Heathtumblr_ok1bvyb6ii1r1banio1_500er Phillipson, due to be erected in 2020 until 2021. It depicts a large swirl of whipped cream, with a cherry on top, and a drone hiding on the cherry, which actually comes with a live feed, looking down at the large fly on the whipped cream. My personal infere
nce of this statue, given the quote from Phillipson herself that the piece represents “the extremes of shared experience, from commemorations and celebrations to mass protests, all while being observed by a drone’s camera”. This leads me to think it represents life (whipped cream) being tarnished and destroyed by controversies and disasters (the fly), whilst being monitored from above by governments, the media etc (the drone).

Easter Break…

Whilst bored without my computer over the Easter break, I got together with some friends to film something a little less serious than our uni work, inspired by a film I saw on YouTube. This was done in After Effects and my next step would one day be to create the VFX used in this inside Nuke.

3D Camera Projection

We got more of an in-depth look at Camera projection and the differences between going about in Maya versus Nuke. I personally prefer to do it in Maya because adding in edges and making extrusions/indentations in geometry look more realistic is an easier process.

If my computer can handle it, I would like to employ this technique at home because it may help with some projects where filming certain locations is not possible, or some camera angles do not exist.

UPDATE: I have later had practise in camera projection in Maya and, with the help of notes, I can now create a basic camera projection. I would like to continue working in Nuke so that I can master this discipline across both packages.

Nuke 3D


In order to learn the basics of Nuke 3D, I created a structure in the style of the Atomium in Brussels to learn how to merge different 3D objects, along with learning how to use lights and colouring them appropriately. The finished product is below. I was told that Nuke is not normally favourable for creating entire 3D scenes, however basic ones like this are acceptable. This is a technique I would like to employ once again, as it made the most sense to me. I also really enjoyed the finished product, though I am not sure where exactly I will use it.

Augment photo inspiration

This is how I would imagine my two shots to come out. The first of which being a seemingly normal establishing shot of the church, which cuts to a closeup of the spire and probably another camera move. I also aspire to learn fluid dynamics in Maya to create a moving flag, if I have the time. If not, I will; probably stick to a flat non-moving image of a flag because it will have a similar effect, it would just be nice to give the image an extra visual push.

Church pic to use:

After receiving feedback on this idea, it was discussed that having a very small flag wouldn’t be noticeable or understandable to an outside viewer looking at this project. We first discussed having a shot inside Westminster Cathedral with a huge flag by the altar, because the purpose is actually to use scale to represent something that isn’t actually normal or possible. Thinking about Westminster cast my mind back to the Westminster attack in March. I have now come up with the idea of using an image of Westminster Bridge with the geometry projected, and having a huge knife right in the middle of the road. Whilst potentially controversial for a social commentary, it is a commentary nonetheless and has relevance to recent events.

westminster mockup.jpg


Westminster projection setup

Westminster progress.JPG This is my first Render View after downloading and half-texturing a knife model


westminster screenshot.jpg

Here is a screenshot from the finished product. I had experimented with textures using the Hypershade, as I could not seem to get a good texture for the base of the knife and later turned to having the entire model in a chrome texture.