“A 2,000 word text on the use of a physical set extension in a pre-1989 movie or genre, outlining how it was done (or how you assume it was done) and how it might be achieved these days, with clear diagrams of how it might work in 2.5D Space”

“How aspects of VFX have moved from 2D to 3D production, and why you think this is”

Films to mention:

  • Old
    • 2001 a Space Odyssey
  • New
    • Interstellar (Christopher Nolan still likes to do things in-camera)
    • The Jungle Book

Methods to mention:

Things worth mentioning:

  • A lot of VFX sequences are inspired from older sequences, such as Star Wars making films in the style of the 70s movies.





  • Section 1: Intro
    • Open with generic statement that introduces what you’re going to say
  • Section 2:
    • Introduce the use of set extensions and how they are useful to film
    • Introce the difference between now and then in terms of approaches to set extensions
    • Pick a genre and stop being useless
  • Section 3:
    • The first instance ever of set extension
    • Talk about forced perspective
    • Find something about front and back projection
    • Talk about Star Wars at some point
  • Section 4:
  • Section 5:

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